Friday, 18 November 2011

Lurgy/Dear Diary...

Almost better, now - chest infection clearing; this is good.

I guess, if I can't spend an eternity writing to Old LO, I'd better start blogging a lot more. Sometimes it's easy, but other days... Maybe it's an Autie thing, but some days, finding ANY words is difficult. Finding the right words is a work for the good days ~ on the bad days, an approximation will just have to do.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sick as a Parrot.

I've got a really nasty chest infection...
I feel absolutely lousy.
I'm stressing over having misplaced a software disc,
and I'm having trouble thinking at all.
Actually DOING things? Hahahaha!
My temp. on Sat. night was 38.8C,
and I had the uncontrollable violent shakes.
Mon. night it was somewhere over 39.3C
(The electronic thermometer just says 'Hi'(gh) after that),
and I felt *better* then, than when it was 38.8?
Pass me the Leper-Bell, will you?