Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Dreamt your heart
was my For-Ever Home,
had a place in your affections, 
meant much to me, much more to me,
you just had occasional erections,
and erratic directions, 
for an obedient pet, 
that eventually 
you left outside.

"Back Where We First Met"

Would you speak to me,
if I dared tell you... I still feel? 
Things you wished silent 
still whimper. 

No sunshine-warm cuddles, 
no mistletoe kisses, 
nothing, nothing, nothing, 
for you, hello is enough. 

No dread of rejection, 
we solved that riddle, 
but dread of desire, 
and dread of your indifference.

Friday, 16 December 2011


I remember the details,
crystal-clear, of our contract, 
and I remember, razor-sharp, 
each moment, day and night. 

I grovelled for scraps from 
the plate at your table, 
dry crumbs and crusts 
a banquet to the 
beggar-woman, starved.

Fool, she is, 
weeding her garden, 
hoping next spring, 
for lilies to grow.