Tuesday, 4 December 2012

May I show you someone lovely?

This gentleman is my very special friend, Stephen.

After fifty years of wishing for turquoise hair...

Monday, 3 December 2012

It is Stupid 'o Clock in the morning, and I am Blogging on my phone.

Well... It has been a tough month. My ex-partner Dave died at the start of November.

I am somewhat emotionally and mentally wobbly at times, but that is okay.

I am enjoying living in Dorset, and I look forward to exploring more when warmer weather arrives.

It is very pleasant to live only a short bus journey or cycle-ride from the coast.

One of my favourite places, Lulworth, is nearby, and that is where Dave's ashes will be sprinkled. He and I had an eerie connection to that place.

Hmm... Nearly ten past five... Still playing with this phone. Ahhh - I sense future poems... I can write them straight to the blog, from many places... Must get off phone. Phone eats Sleep...

I resisted getting one like this... Until now.

Here's a quick ditty as a goodnight gift.

Don't put fireworks in your bum,
Nor bottles, sticks or knives,
They simply don't belong there,
And it might just save your life.