Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Ngetal - Bending to the Wind.

Learning the lessons of doing that which must be done, dealing with realities of that-which-is. Everything that occurs seems to be a testing, thank Goodness we get multiple goes. If I can truly try my best, I am doing well.

Writhing out of my duties is my weakness, greed, even for a grain more than is fair, slovenly levels of sloth, neglect of my chosen curriculum, the temptations of (seemingly) easy lies over uncomfortable truths.

I fear failure so much that I either never begin, or move so slow as to never finish. Unfortunately, for fools like me, existance has its own deadlines built in.

This is my first real blog post. I am finally beginning to understand weblogs' functions in society. It's just like the old days before the term was invented for online diary/journal sites, before such things became fashionable.

Farewell, Traveller. =)

x ~ Morgan

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  1. In the WordsFlow Writers' Group today we were talking about the fact that none of us has ever managed to sustain keeping a diary - bore ourselves shitless and/or have privacy issues - yet we happily blog. Strange!