Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I am not going to say anything more about,
or have anything to do with the crazy situation
some of my friends are in.

War is NEVER good.
Doing things 'for the greater good'
doesn't actually necessarily make it good...
I am not going to speak on the matter any more.
As far as I see it, they just didn't know *what* to do with me...
I am quitting the Stonehenge Round Table
because I no longer trust my own thoughts,
feelings, judgement or perceptions.
Every time I say anything about this war thing,
or what made me go as mental as two fish,
it makes things worse, so, I'm leaving the whole thing...
I'm going to miss my good friends, whoever they turn out to be.
I HAVE to leave all of this behind,
or I won't be Limerent insane,
I'd be the kind of insane that is permanent,
and completely groundless, and... messy.
At least I have closure...
My apologies to all I hurt along the way.
I might continue writing dodgy poems about what it
was like, though. Dodgy poems all round! Hooray!

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