Friday, 23 September 2011

Rest In Peace, Holly.

Holly died Friday Morning,
the 9th September, 2011,
at home, in her sleep.
Buried today, 23rd Sept. 2011.

 Holly Williams ~ Funeral Poem
 by Morgan Fyfe-Williams,
 16th Sept. 2011.

I knew you, not well enough.

You showed me true friendship,
love, generous in spite of loss ~
last crust shared, abundance delighted in,
The simple joys found, that show
the beauty of the world.

She did not live by soft love,
but by the burning force of truth.
Inner conflicts resolved,
The leagues of Angels
gain a Warrior of the Flowers.

She was advancing most brave,
into the future - turning her heart
towards the sun. Now she flies
ever faster, toward the All
that is the One.

Take comfort where you find it -
Spirit Eternal, Its Vigil Keeps.
It was an honour to know her.
She was, at her centre,
a fount of compassion.

My thanks and blessings to you, Holly.

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