Friday, 13 January 2012

"Playing Favourites"

- Playing Favourites -

Will the next one be pretty? 
Or the worst ugly monster? 
Will the next really care, 
if you happened to die?

Would the next give a toss, 
or keep all-night vigils, 
would they serve up, 
for your sustenance, 
their flesh and their soul?

The next might be a demon, 
no sense of affection, 
pure possession desired 
and no remorse for deeds done or planned. 

The next might do anything, living the dream, 
taking what they want, and giving nothing back - 
I know the thoughts of the next one, 
a hypothetical new favourite, 
because I have lived with her inside of me. 

I have lived with a ravening demoness, 
truth is, she's just my desire to be desired, 
but her quarry, her target, her victim... 
should beware his next favourite, 
and the next, and the next...

- NB - This is art, not confession of murder plots, compris vous? My 'Victim' is safe from me. These are not the 'droids you are looking for. 

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