Saturday, 7 April 2012

McShane and O'Ryan

Gods help me, I woke up at Quarter-past-Five this morning, from an... odd dream; ~ I and my husband have been watching a LOT of Lovejoy lately, and the theme-tune keeps playing in our heads, earwormery, so... 

This morning I had the tune playing in my head in my sleep, which triggered a segment of dream that got me so... Um... 'roused, that I woke up... Lovejoy had all his clothes on, but he was making extremely lewd pelvic thrusts.

I'm not sure whether it was the embarrassment of his naughty dancing, or the shock of him unexpectedly having hip-length hair that woke me, but I've been sufficiently disturbed or perturbed, to blog about it.
... and post a few too many illustrative photographs.

I'm just glad to have a new fantasy-man with no painful emotions attached to him, and no insane hope, or worse, plan, to 'meet someone like him' - He's no Severus Snape - but he indulges my visual needs. *sigh, mope*

Maybe he could have been
Severus Snape after all...
Hmm... what was I going to say, apart from the above? I forget... I may remember, soon... It's Ten-to-Eight right now, and I need more caffeine to think with.

I've met my Fantasy Man, and it nearly killed me... They can all stay in the realm of fiction from now on!

Ohhh I remember what I wanted to say - I am NOT pleased by our Dear Majesty's Government's Plot to monitor digital communiques in the UK. Boo, Hiss. 

Cardinal O'Ryan in Scotland suggesting all Christians should wear a Cross at all times, etc... Statements from him and the Pope;  Christians 'should be free to act as their conscience dictates/in accordance with their beliefs' - Oh goody... That's straight-forward enough sanction to the average nutjob to do the nutjobbery well - isn't it nice having someone to tell you what to do? Mummy? Daddy? Teacher? Boss? Pope? The Little Voices that say KILL THE QUEERS? *coughs* How many Christians who feel discriminated against do it unto others? Arrrrrrgh. The little voices tell me, perhaps, Christians marking themselves out might actually be a useful warning. Thanks, Cardinal O'Ryan!

I am not anti-Christian, as such, but I am against religious groups inciting hatred, whatever the religious group is. Humans are quite disappointing, as a species. The potential we have is untapped - we're drugged on the Valium of Television, the Amphetamine of Consumerism, and scared witless by those that want to play Whack-a-Mole with any heads that start to raise.

God, impart Thy strength;
And in strength, power to suffer;
And to suffer for the truth;
And in the truth, all light;
And in light, purity;
And in purity, love;
And in love, God;
And in God, all goodness.

I'm anti-Hate, simply. It's hard when it's our own minds getting all twisted.

It took me an hour to write this drek? Oh well... Mmmm, it must be time to put Lovejoy on again...

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