Monday, 3 December 2012

It is Stupid 'o Clock in the morning, and I am Blogging on my phone.

Well... It has been a tough month. My ex-partner Dave died at the start of November.
I am somewhat emotionally and mentally wobbly at times, but that is okay.
I am enjoying living in Dorset, and I look forward to exploring more when warmer weather arrives.
It is very pleasant to live only a short bus journey or cycle-ride from the coast.
One of my favourite places, Lulworth, is nearby, and that is where Dave's ashes will be sprinkled. He and I had an eerie connection to that place.
Hmm... Nearly ten past five... Still playing with this phone. Ahhh - I sense future poems... I can write them straight to the blog, from many places... Must get off phone. Phone eats Sleep...
I resisted getting one like this... Until now.

Here's a quick ditty as a goodnight gift.
Don't put fireworks in your bum,
Nor bottles, sticks or knives,
They simply don't belong there,
And it might just save your life.


  1. Oh, my dear, somehow I lost track of you a longish while. (Busy going through my own bereavement.)

    That must have been very confronting for you, with many mixed emotions.

  2. If you're caught short on bonfire night
    With fireworks up your bum.
    - Don't keep them up there out of sight;
    That would be rather dumb.
    If, later on, you're in the pub
    And drunk - Take this to heart:
    If you eat baked beans as pub-grub;
    Don't try to light your fart!