Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Looking Back With New Eyes

I've just been re-reading posts from my other Blog,
the one that was a secret, and isn't online any more -

For someone who was a 32nd of an inch from The Edge,
it's remarkably coherent stuff. With the wisdom of experience,
reading it feels like I'm reading someone else's words...
I spoke True Truth more in my poetry than anywhere else...
I think my mentality must have been that of one spending
their dole on the horses, and starving through poverty!
Why are human beings so prone to delude themselves?
Built into us is this idiotic instinct that everything will be okay,
things will turn out for the best, and just like we want,
and there'll always be a happy ending.
I'd rather be a cat... or a pebble, or an atom...
Ah, look, I just rejected the fullness of life's rich tapestry...
That is a silly thing to do? No?
Time to weave and tweak my tapestry into
a work of harmonious beauty, methinks.
Why has it taken me 27 years?
The worst emotional state I went through wasn't hatred,
or anger, or envy; but, fear.
The best? The reconcilliation of Bonded Mates.
I'm tired of thinking this all over,
I'm moving on in peace,
I'm pursuing my purpose as a writer,
and I'm happier than ever before.
I'm sorry, for all my mistakes and ill deeds.
Love Conquers All has many meanings.
I'll find something else to think about soon enough. =)
I am writing a poem for recital at Spring Equinox MOA
@ StoneHenge ~ I have parts already, but, it's gestating. =)


  1. You're amazing. How far you have journeyed. I think you must have looked after yourself well, really, no matter how it seemed.

    I hope you post the poem!