Monday, 10 September 2012

"Melting Snowmen"

Grip the warm woman,
Cold fingers grasp a warm woman, 
Gasp as the warm woman takes you by the hand - 
Know the warm woman, Love her until 
Her heart starts to thaw.

Oh Dear! 
Oh, Dear!
Oh! Dear, 

Loved by her until your body is 
Clawed and ecstatic, erotic-electric, 
Molten magic elastic, 
Melt together, body and spirit as one, 
Full percentage, puzzlement fading, 
Riddles are solved, drip together, 
Filter gently, foment friendship and passion, 
Bugger calculation of folk fashion, 
Thirty-three minutes to curfew, 
Versions never heard, 
Five hundred souls, so many Minds. 
Love is, only what it is, 
Most simple mathematics, 
A satisfied equasion, a 
Pleasured, fulfilled sum of its parts, 
Gestalt happier than before. 
Who was I when I wrote before?

(June 2012)

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