Tuesday, 6 November 2012

"Fear of Consumption"

"Fear of Consumption"

Studied in Sleepiness, Monkey-Mind A-wandering, 
Tea-Ceremony of my cigarette teaches one thing, 
Two things, of dependence and focus. 
Flick my failing pen, pick anew.

Foolish drunken monkey, awaken! 
Re-ignite. New pen, new day, 
It's dawn behind those curtains.

It is of use to pray, to aim and align to something better, 
Wonder why I went astray, was it anyone's fault? 

Some things simply happen - I wish for things to happen simply.
Better to be honest and simple than a complex, talented liar, 
Better to never know how it tastes to sin 
Than to be sick with foul aftertaste evermore. 

Are we made of Regrets? 
Founded 'pon Hope? 
Who Knows? Who Knows...? 
I certainly don't. 

One Image is Eternal, Mother in Gown 
and Crown and Shrouds of Shade, 
We beg her; Please Love Me - 
Too proud to admit to the pain, 
Too afraid to enter the dark CaveMouth 
Entering on Her terrain -

She Is The Tiger, 
She Will Eat Us.

(2nd Oct 2012)

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