Friday, 22 August 2014

Recoveries and Ponderments

- 10/07/14 -

Since I left some of my stupidity in the river, things have been gradually improving. Alcohol use much less frequent and moderate in quantity. Still a very anxious beastie, trying to fix that along with getting fitter.

- 11/08/14 -

I expect that I shall be swimming, walking and cycling. 'Tis well said that if you can cycle in Dorset, you can cycle anywhere. There are many areas that I never got off my berm to explore. I have been abominably slothful and lax.

I have the power; I can change my life.


In all seriousness, with a simple enough change of lifestyle, I can do so much for my physical and mental health.

I believe it will also dramatically improve my mental and magical stamina. The discipline of mind and body will aid my every aspect!

I'm 31, I would rather avoid a heart attack at 40 years. I can shift my excess weight easily, as long as I eat sensibly and put real effort into regular enthusiastic exercise.

- 12/07/14 -

Blimey, I and Steve went for a little run by the river, and it was fun. I can do this. If the big girl off of "I Used To Be Fat" can do it, so can I.


- 20/08/14 -

I have been running and walking. Met a friend who would like to go swimming with me.

- 22/08/14 -

Keeping my enthusiasm up.

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