Sunday, 28 September 2014

"Never Again"

Puddipole, muddy-hole,
Jumped into the river,
Dead or quick, the soul is sick,
And the body bound to shiver.
Wall of poisons built in the gut,
One last chance, life's final cut,
The Angels aid fools and drunks,
For a limit, to call it time.
Squirming, worming,
Suddenly swimming,
Sinking, bouncing,
Carefully turning.
Uncomfortable confrontation with fact.
Not a Naiad, gripping jacket,
Shincutting bruisemaking
Balance and terror.
Sheer Idiocy,
Never Again!
Rescue, Blessed Rescue,
Kindness of Strangers
And Friends,
How ever to thank those
That save your life?
By keeping to Never Again!

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