Tuesday, 5 April 2016

MUSIC NEWS > *Merlin's TeaPot* + "Something New" from *Sharron Idol*

Greetings, post-hiatus readers!

Another funky motion from Sharron Idol - "Something New" Have a listen, hey?

An apt point to point to this collaborative song, "UnSeelie Rade" and its MotherShip, the Sharron Idol album "I'm a Person, Not a Genre". - I know it was some time ago... Please have a listen to that too. You can see all her wonders here
<div><a title="Link to Sharron-Idol's website" href="https://buggerallon.tv" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img src="https://buggerallon.tv/images/BAOTVwidgetPic.jpg" alt="Link to Sharron-Idol's website"></a></div>

Merlin's TeaPot has grown to a trio, we are practicing many songs.

We now have Vocals, Guitar, Flute and Piano.

Some of our favourites to perform are;
I Drove All Night by Roy Orbison
Dancing BareFoot by Patti Smith
Strange Glue by Catatonia
Free Bird by Lynerd Skynnard
Green and Grey by Dahm the Bard.

When we have enough skillz and confidence,
we will be doing it in public.

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