Sunday, 27 September 2009

Epic Food Fail ~ WandWork and Twilight Robery ~ Barbro, Bath and Bristol

Apologies, peoples,
I'm having a day of Commas and Hyphens.


If you want to really disgust people, try this...

Frozen peeled-and-chunky-chopped apples,
originally intended for mince-pies, so enhanced
with gingery, clovey, cinnamon and lemony goodness,

+ frozen Aloe Vera leaf-cores,
and some frozen extra-thick cream,

Stick it in a blender for a reasonably tasty,
probably-ever-so-good-for-you drink.

It looks like vomit. It is thick and wobbly.

It doesn't taste bad, simply looks very bad, and wobbles.
It gloops rather than pouring.

I drank/sucked up a pint of it, then decided it was a Fail.
Too thick and gooey, looks terrible, tasted mediocre,

I'm still sure it's good for me, though.

I'd not bother with that recipe. Try something nice,
like Marzipan Thingummies.

Marzipan Thingummies:

Obtain Marzipan,
yellow or white,
using both is rather pretty.

Make balls about an inch across, squish them flat,
place a few sultanas, or tiny chocolate pieces,
or marshmallow chunks, or what-ever,
in the middle of the flattened marzipan thingy,
and pinch/squash the sides up to trap
the poor defenceless filling
(known (in my mad mind) as the 'Ummy')

Make as many as you like,
and pop them under the grill.

They take less than half a minute to cook,
and burn very quickly, so keep a close eye on them.

They are ready when the marzipan is a nice golden brown.
Can be eated warm or cold, nicest, in my opinion, warm.

You get toasted almond and caramelization going on.
Yum yum yum.

My old wand has been knelt-on, and is cracked.
I aim to make my new one, send off my old one,
and finish making, and then consecrate,
the lovely Robe I am working on.
It will be a good day.

Yesterday I went all the way to Bristol by bus,
to meet a 'Facebook Friend' type friend of mine.
She's a big Snape fan.

I had a lovely time with her, and enjoyed the lengthy
journey through the Wiltshire & Zummerzet Zeenry too.

I spotted an out-in-public 'Healing Service' in Melksham,
and the URL of the Bath Islamic Society as I was bussing by.

Bristol Uni - Me & Babs - 26/09/09

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