Sunday, 1 November 2009

WandWork Developments

My Wand is now
shaped, sanded, and oiled,
we have ahead a month
of polishing, and other work.

It was consecrated on the 30th...

By Wind and Fire and Earth and Water!
By GoldenBlaze Sun and SilverMist Moon.

Et cetera.

It went well. *smiles*

x M


  1. Hmm, good idea! It's finished now - Elder-Wood from a tree on the slopes of Old Sarum, it has been Oiled with Anointing Ointment, Immersed in the White Well Water at Glastonbury, Dipped in ElderFlower Champagne, and Stained with Blood and ElderBerries. It has some shallow inscribed marks made by pricking with a pin. It is a wonderful Mahogany colour. I like it. I hope it lasts me well. I shall take a photo, and show it off!