Monday, 5 July 2010


I'll never stop calling you Darling,
no matter the distance between
us, or what perhaps might have been,
and this thing called reality,
just a shared daydream,
my friend, nothing more.

If it had have been different,
we're sure it'd be worse,
with ten million reasons
to curse and regret
the day that we met,
out in the freezing cold.
If it had have been different,
certainty isn't so -
star-crossed and God-damned,
what a way to go,
to the darkness and the devil,
and seven years of sin.
You already have Love,
and so do I, just forgotten for a time
of desperation.
You'll always have Love,
and so will I,
and memories of neverwas,
and lovers' conversation.
MKF-W - 05/07/10

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