Saturday, 16 July 2011

Future Updates =)

Soon, I'm going to be adding some extra stand-alone pages to my blog.

Mythologies of My Past - The odd little tale of how I almost convinced myself that I was an alien... Not such an unusual belief amongst Asperger's kids... I 'was' a Dragon. Looooong story, which I'll share.

Little Whinging - My page for my grumbles about everything from never being able to find a spoon, to the corruption of the powerful, to philosophising about life itself being naturally an unfair game...

Favourite Prayers - things that help me see the good in good, and gently guide by the lights I see.

Funny Things - Humour and anecdotes. Eris might come into it, with her wiffle-stick.

Magic, Religion & Spiritual Guff-n-Stuff - All my mystic waffle in one big glob?

My Artwork - Pieces from the past, and future... Laying out plans as I go - Portfolio mixed with Notebook.

Crazy How? - About my mental health...

The 1005 Project - An ill-concieved bastard child of an infatuation... A poetic and artistic magnus opus in the making ;)

Links - to sites I find useful and/or interesting, or simply amusing.

About Morgan - A bit about myself, and links to my other web-presences, ie; Facebook...

x M

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