Tuesday, 6 July 2010

"Dragon's Wine"

- Dragon's Wine -

An Addict in the Dark, I Wait.
His Move, His Act, it Seals my Fate,
Powerless against Him, Unable to Resist -
A Fantasy Exquisitely Permitted to Exist.
Will my Lover come before DayBreak -
Will I Remember when I Wake?

Elven-Wine with Dragon's Blood,
Sweet Amortentia, My Poison Brewed,
My Agonies and Ecstasies belong alone to you.
Cruel Man, Here is your Willing Victim,
Your love two whole worlds protected.
Will you come like the Thunder, full of Anger,
or Gentle as the Rain?
A Love like Dragon's Wine, Hot and Full and Thick -
A Burning and a Brooding, Burns Slow and then Full-Quick.
My Obsession matches your own. I Wait for you to come.
Fill me like Dragon's Wine.

M - Feb. 2009

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