Tuesday, 6 July 2010

"Shafts of SunLight"

Another one from 1999ish,
when I was too insane to punctuate.

_Shafts of SunLight_

i see them falling
through the cave's mouth
visible by mistlight
wet under the river
where it crashes
and bubbles.

flashing colour and bright
the water is shining
thunder outside
hypnotic song
the ferns grow.

twelve Sylphs are standing
in darkness they shimmer
eyes green.

moss is pearled
with droplets of spray
and lillies
and hart's tongue
drip to the floor.

each Faerie is watching
they know me
often with me
palms cool
in the swansong.

clouds of damp asking
for shelter
along cavewalls
into the stone.

one Sylph fast approaches
her motion like diving
and rising through wavelets
she ripples the air
towards me.

speaking soft
strong emotion
love of the forest
this pool
and the sun.

old secrets
known by her
divulged to
her apprentice
the trainee in faedom
her WitchWoman friend.

i learn there of fish
that rise in the moonlight
and sing like sweet angels
in swelling chorus.

i learn there of birds
flown downward
to catch the fish
like stealing berries.

i learn there of myself
who i might have been
what i am
what i make myself.

three fae take me
cool hands on my brow
i sleep under the mossdrips
i dream of dark blue skies....

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