Tuesday, 6 July 2010

"Soween Song"

Soween Song

Hidden in The Earth,
Next Harvest's Birth,
The Sun Falls Low,
For Next Spring to Grow.

Beasts are Slaughtered,
Meat is Salted,
Stores for Hard Times
Great Wisdom Divine.

Though Gods do show Their Winter Face,
To Them we offer Earnest Praise,
It is Their Nature, Night's Dark, and
Day's Light, Now Comes Deep Winter,
Then Spring's SnowDrops White.

Strength of Earth and Standing Stone,
Be in Flesh and Blood and Bone,
Force of Life Be in The Ground,
To Spring Forth as Time Turns Round.

In Furrow Seed Is Laid,
Nature's Promise Made,
Crops in Our Hands
Gifts of The Land.

Call for Vision Clear,
Hind-Sight of The Dying Year,
Future Seen Through Veil Worn Thin,
Magic Afoot as New Year Begins.

Through Mighty Dead, Gone On Afore,
We Are Inspired in Ancient Lore,
Kith and Kin Visit, We Call You Home,
Most Welcome in Love,
Souls That We've Known.

So Play a Joyous Tune,
Sing The Sacred Rune,
Gathered in a Ring,
The Holy Power Bring.

Dance Under The Moon,
In Thanks for Nature's Boon,
Make Merry Fun,
Thank The Horned One.

Written: Oct 2006.

This has since been tweaked
to make it easier to sing,
but this is the original.

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