Tuesday, 6 July 2010

"The Faeries of The Wood"

The Faeries of The Wood (writ in 1999?)

Shimmering golden dappled greens
light falling leaves shifting
eyes watching forest far away

birds windchimes churchbells,
ears hearing closely listening.

- sweet spirits love beauty hope -

singing trees walk through shade
bring the Dryads and Naiads
and Satyrs dance in sunbeams.
swirl and be real embodied -

light footsteps approaching
large eyes keen bright deep

see the forest Faeries.

wood green warm moist patchouli
body of tree, strong, light.

water fresh bluewhite silver cold bursting
life giving, life sustaining, life's blood.

earth dark cool Mother Lady musky flowers
womb of Nature, lover of the Heavens.

sky star shiver darkness blue,
beauty indefinable, lover of the Earth.

air bright birdsong yellow and gold ethereal
transparent mover, breath of continents.

fire burner destroyer red gold orange
renewer cleanser bringer of warmth.

spirit all life all mind,
all that screams and knows anything.

stone solid unchanger, silicon thinker,
deep synapses of Lady Gaia.

metal sharp cutter, ElfBane, bitter taste
knife and sword, ploughshare and hoe.

all elements celebrated
Faerie dance moonlight now

cooler water flowing laughs joy
Fae on the nightwings
travel astral dragonpaths and leylines

Faeries of the Wood,
Know Feel Live Believe

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