Tuesday, 6 July 2010



Like the Air after Thunder,
Of Power Greatly Spent,
The Stones Lie Still, ReFilling,
A New Earthing Consequent.

These Powers Slowly Building,
Left From Long Ago,
Sentient and Thinking,
The Stones Restart To Know.

Silicon Thoughts Are Flowing,
Rock Begins To Wake,
Time, it now is useless,
The Past Will OverTake.

Senses all are tingling,
Some People Understand,
Answering to the Calling
Of Irresistable Demands.

Those who Hear the Humming,
And Those who Know their Minds,
The People who are Listening
Have Found what Few can Find.

All Those who are Searching
Should Walk Amongst The Stones
To Feel Their Beliefs Changing
By The Subtlest of Tones.

Those Who Fought To Find Themselves
And Those Who Find They're Free
Have Visited Those Ancient Souls
The Stones Known by You and Me.

Originally written in 1997

Updated in December 2006 when I had a tune for it come to me.

Original version had 'Some Women' rather than 'Some People',
and the original final line was 'The Stones of Avebury.'
These are still viable alternative lyrics.

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