Tuesday, 6 July 2010

"Unseelie" / "Spirit Call" / "Seelie Faerie Evocation"

Three works, I wrote these during an
'I can't be arsed to punctuate' phase. My apologies.
These are all from around 1999.

_ UnSeelie _

i asked the one
with eyes of gold
i asked the moon
and stars and sun
and she tore me down

blood she loves me
she has claws
blood despise me
i look in her eyes
i am not worth her time

she'll take my blood
my heart and soul
she'll bring me darkness
and make me pain

_Spirit Call_

dittany smoke fold around me ~~~ marjoram leaves to form a body
dracenic balefire on the ashes ~~~ blood to purge them of malintent
speak to darkness and its angels ~~~ hold them back where not invited
call the spirits from inside ~~~ whispered words to part the veil

Lucifer our lord of light ~~~ karayah! karayah! it burns
spirits seen with inner sight ~~~ send back the evil
Hecate our dark queen ~~~ the unwanted, the lower ones
shield me from harm unseen ~~~ i ask for guidance.

_Seelie Faerie Evocation_

Spirits of the East, Spirits of the South,
of light and of air, of fire and of heat,
thought and inspiration, impetus and action,

Spirits of the West, Spirits of the North,
of water and destiny, of Earth and of stone,
emotions and blood, deep thought strength.

Aid me in my task,
Bring me these four,
wisdom, action,
compassion and endurance.

I Thank you for your prescence
I Thank you for your assistance
I Thank you for your guidance.

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