Tuesday, 6 July 2010

"Your Eyes Bewitched Me"

Your Eyes Bewitched me,
Unwittingly, watched me
in mundane and
meaningless insanity.
I thought I might
have been in love with you -
nothing at all like the truth.

All my lusts and passions unrequited,
mourning for never-beens,
Victim of transferences,
my Madness-Adoration,
Beautiful One,
I am a fool.
You never wished for this,
and it was never intended,
yet from First Intentions
you cleansed my Wounds and Soul.
My obsessions have gone
from one thing to another,
I thank all my Gods that I
have known you,
had your Poet's Sword
cut the poisons from my heart.
I Love You - My Friend.
May That Never End.

Your smile seduced me,
irrevocably, accidentally.
I've always been prone
to giving myself over to dreams.
The sorrows were deep and genuine,
and every moment of glorious joy.
You kept me safe in your caring,
I'd have died to be in your arms.
I can explain so little,
could have given you nothing at all
except more pain.
In this brief thunderbright
time that I've known you
my best and worst was laid at your feet,
where I never should have been.
Infatuation is an ugly word
for what I have felt.

Tenth June 2010

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