Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I Am Awen and Kether
and Prana and Ether
Flowing into Life
I am Light flooding the sky
I am the Dawn
and the path to the dusk
Ever to rise again.

I am the atom's creator and maintainer
I dissipate the physical
I take each instance, each moment
from my Soul to my mind
to the vast sharing dream
where all things
are as real as ideas.

The Body of Earth and the
Light of the World
are my Movement, and Manifesting,
my yearning and urging
reflect in each heart
open under the bright stars
falling into consciousness
to yearn reunion's bliss.

all life created
parted slightly or much
from me is still a part of me,
I am the source of the spirit,
the strength of the soul,
when all are one once more
the work is done
and that is bliss
to be sought by all.

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